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Our sacred text, the God Hates Tornadoes Creed.

GHT 3:16


The Fight Between Good Twisters and Evil Twisters


Breaking News:Gay Minnesota Lutherans love tornadoes

God conspires with the U.S. Government to cause tornadoes.

Tornadoes are sent to root out the evil in the land.

Try to never get caught in a twister.

God also hates soccer.

In 1975, gays caused a Georgia tornado.

God hath issued a tornado watch.

God sometimes uses his tornado to penetrate small towns.

In the end times, some believe God may appear as a tornado.

Tornadoes and their lovers will spend eternity in the bowels of hell.

God also hates global warming.

Why did God create tornadoes if he hates them so much? Find out.

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And today, God also hates you if you live in these areas:


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